Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Denver vacation, part 4 - Steamboat Springs

We're still in Colorado but we've moved west a bit.  We're in Steamboat Springs, elevation 6695 feet.  Mommy and Daddy did something with their timeshare to get us a SWEEEEEEEEET place here -- it feels as big as our house.

We got here Monday afternoon and went into downtown Steamboat Springs after dinner.  We found Fuzziwigg's Candy Store and were very happy.  I (Alice) got a black cherry candy stick; Gabi got a strawberry one.  Since we love each other so much, we shared.

Across the street from Fuzzisigg's is FM Light and Sons, the rootinist, tootinist, awesomist cowboy shop there is.  Outside of the store is Lightning, the horse.  We both had a little help in getting onto his back but neither of us wanted to get down.

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