Thursday, December 27, 2012

Naomi's Bat Mitzvah

We just got back from Florida, our second trip south for a cousin's bat mitzvah.  We don't really remember Hannah's (we were only 11 months old at the time) but I think that we'll remember this one.  We had LOTS of fun playing with cousins.

Emma's got a great smile.  Maybe she should learn to keep her eyes open though. 

Naomi really loves to carry me around.  Yael's just there for support. 

There's a playground at the temple that we got to play on after dinner on Friday night. 

Lots of cousins.  Back row: Andrew, Hannah, Sarah, Naomi, Marissa.  Front row: Benjamin, Seth, Emma, Yael, Phoebe, Helen, and us.  Not present, due to parents not wanting to travel with newborns: Jack, Simon, and Asher. 

Maybe I'll be a rabbi when I grow up. 

Yum -- pad thai and orange juice! 

The nine girl cousins, together again: Phoebe, Emma, Hannah, Gabi, Sarah, Helen, Yael, Alice, and Naomi.  And Daddy got it in the first shot! 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

How Not to Buy a Mattress

Step 1: Plan a trip to Costco.
Step 2: Make an impromptu stop at Mattress Warehouse to check prices for a new mattress for us.
Step 3: Spend $500 at your semi-annual trip to Costco.
Step 4: Return to Mattress Warehouse and purchase said mattress.
Step 5: Discover that there's not enough room in the mini-van for said mattress.
Step 6: Tie said mattress to roof of mini-van with twine/rope.
Step 7: Stop twice in the first 5 miles to make sure that mattress isn't going to slide off the mini-van.
Step 8: Thinking that the mattress is secure, continue home.
Step 9: Change your mind about 2 miles later.
Step 10: Pull into the parking lot of the roller skating/laser tag place.
Step 11: Pull mattress off the roof.
Step 12: Take car seats out of car and fold town every possible seat in the mini-van.
Step 13: Cram mattress into back of the mini-van.
Step 14: Have everyone except the driver ride home beneath the mattress.
Step 15: Take a picture when home.